Lindos, a powerful maritime city, was one of the three ancient cities that formed the Rhodian state. The Acropolis stands atop the hill overlooking the village built on the slopes down into the bay.

The picturesque village with its’ white-washed houses hiding pebbled courtyards and stone paved streets that lead up to the Acropolis and temple of Athena Lindia.

From there it offers spectacular views of the surrounding area and St. Paul’s Bay where it is reputed the Apostle Paul first landed in 58 A.D.

Lindos is also famous for it “donkey” taxis, offering a much less strenuous ascent to the Acropolis for a small fee. Besides the cooling waters of the bay, the village offers the visitor the opportunity to browse or shop or sit at one of the many cafes for refreshments.





Medieval City

The medieval city of Rhodes is surrounded by high walls and a dry moat.

The modern town envelopes the old city which is a UNESCO world heritage site and the best preserved in Europe of its kind.

In the Old city we find the Grand Master’s Palace, the Archeological Museum and many more attractions relevant to the Knights of St. John, the Turkish occupation and Jewish quarter.

It also houses some of the European Consulates and a huge variety of shops, cafes, residenses and restaurants.

Filerimos Monastery

Filerimos Monastery is located slightly inland from the west coast near the Village of Ialysos.

Here we see the few remains of the ruins of Ialysos, one of the three ancient cities of the Island, the Church of Our Lady dating back to the Byzantine era, the monastery of Filerimos, the “Golgotha” footpath dotted with shrines depicting the Trials and Tribulations of Christ that leads to the massive Cross that can be seen from miles around.

From here you will have a birds’ eyeview of the surrounding areas.





Ancient Kamiros

Kamiros is one of the three ancient Cities of the island.

Located on the west coast, Kamiros was constructed on a hillside spreading downwards to its’ base.

The site reveals the remains of a city with the characteristic Hellenistic urban layout and design, separation zones for public and private buildings and market place with temples and water resevoirs.

Butterflies Valley

The Valley is situated idyllicly in a gorge with a unique eco-system, populated by pine and storax trees, streams and rustic bridges.

The valley attracts millions of butterflies during mid June to mid September, offering the visitor a once in a lifetime experience.

The butterflies are protected by law and guests are respectfully requested to avoid disturbing them as they congregate on the tree trunks, virtually covering every available space.





Seven Springs

One of the most charming destinations on Rhodes, Seven Springs offers a cool and tranquil oasis, even in the heat of summer, swamped with vegetation.

Springs exude virtually from the rock all year round ending up in a small man-made resevoir; access to which is through a narrow tunnel 186 meters long.

The dam was built originally to irrigate the nearby Kolymbia plains with fresh water but is now a small paradise offering sanctuary to wild peacocks, ducks and swans.

Profitis Ilias Mountain

Hotels Elafos and Elafina are situated on the edges of Profitis Ilias Mountain, next to the byzantine monastery of Profitis Ilias, at an altitude of 780 meters and almost in the centre of the island, in a green environment with rare vegetation, high pine trees, perennial plane trees and the unique cedar species of “Atlas Cedar”.

The Italians, famous for their aesthetics and the timeless architecture of their buildings, created this lodge, Elafos and Elafina (Stag and Doe Hotel), named after the beautiful, rare and strictly protected deer species of Dama Dama which inhabits in the majestic forest that surrounds the hotel.






Prasonisi is a sandy peninsular located at the southern tip of the island. Accessible only during the summer months it consists of two bays backing into each other with a strip of sand down the middle.

One bay will provide flat water while the other waves and nearly constant winds of up to 20 knots – the ideal conditions for wind and kite surfing. It has become, virtually, a surfers’ paradise.

Kalithea Springs

The Kalithea Springs are located on the east coast, only 9 km away from the city of Rhodes. Originally built during the Italian occupation, the newly renovated buildings opened their doors in 2007.

The unique combination of nature, architecture and nostalgia offers the visitor a journey into its recent past surrounded by crystal clear waters and amazing ambiance.

These ideal conditions are prefrerred by the locals, conference organisers and wedding parties.